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Is having superpowers a burden or a blessing? What if you could control and manipulate time? Being able to pause, slow down, fast forward, or even rewind time, nothing could stand in your way. Would you use this power for personal gain, or would you use it to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves? Join Matthew Martinez as he tackles his new life in America. Fleeing his home at a young age, Matthew finds himself in the largest city in the world, Infinite City. As Matthew grows, he makes new friends, pursues the American dream, and attempts to find true love. As Matthew gets older, he takes his powers more serious. Mathew trains every day to hone his powers and learns to master the very concept of time. But when Matthew’s family and friends get put in harm’s way, and innocent people become targets to the evil within the city, it is Time to fight back. Matthew must now try to protect the ones he loves and the citizens of Infinite City. Matthew must fight against corruption, gang infested streets, and villains that will push him to his limits. Watch as Matthew Martinez becomes TIEMPO!  

Tiempo Issue #1

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