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Fleeing his home at a young age, Matthew Martinez tackles his new life in America. Matthews loved ones and the citizens of Infinite City are put in harm's way. It is up to Matthew to fight those that are terrorizing the city. 

A child genius, Ciara Sousa, lives a life of lifting and liberatiing her people starting at the age of 14. She uses her super abilities alongside her husband as they turn South America into a leader of technology. 


Sophia Sousa resides in Porto Guardio, Brazil where she grows tired of her parents' absence. One unsuspecting night changes her life forever and she embarks on a path of no return. 

Marcelo starts out as a troubled kid that has no direction in life. His best friend inspires him to apply his abilities for something good. With the help of his wife, he creates buildings and structures that change the course of architectural designs. 



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From the creators at Sin City Comics:

Hello and welcome to Sin City Comics! We hope you continue this journey with us as we build a new world of heroes and villains. Along the way our heroes will encounter love, heartbreak, friendships, deception, and much more. Sin City Comics promises to bring you jaw-dropping action, pulse racing plots, and stories that will exceed your expectations. Sin City Comics started in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but time on our hands. This is when Anthony Kelley, Josue Chevez, Nicholas Hardin, and Michael Groves turned an idea into reality. In the middle of the desert, literally throwing rocks, a conversation sparked an idea. That idea turned into a notebook. A notebook full of superpowers, new worlds, and original characters. The Sin City Universe was born!

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